Monday, September 7, 2015


Prayer to Break the Curse of Poverty & Stronghold of Spirit of Mammon

Father I come in the Name of Jesus to repent for the sins and transgressions of my ancestors. I repent for all disobedience of Your commands, turning away and listening to the enemy or to other people. Father, I receive the redemption from the curse by the Blood of Jesus and ask you to break all curses of poverty upon my family line and me! I declare that the Blood of Jesus has broken all the curses!
Lord, I repent for anyone in my family line that offered sacrifices that were not favorable and right. I repent for any withholding of the first fruits, the best portions, and for all wrong motives and attitudes of their hearts. I repent for anger, resentment, and bloodshed of my brother. Lord, please forgive any bloodshed and bring peace to the blood that cries out!
In the name of Jesus and by the powers invested in us, we LOOSEN the holds of the devil and his forces, SPECIFICALLY THE STRONGMAN OF MAMMON, upon my supply, from those who are holding on to them.
Father, Your Word teaches us that we are to CAST down every evil imagination, bringing into captivity every contrary thought of disobedience to the DISTRIBUTION of God’s GOOD SUPPLY TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE SAINTS.  Therefore we cast down every high thing of the spirit of mammon; and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of YOU in your prosperity plan for our lives.
We LOOSE ALL FUNDS & DIVINE PROVISIONS. WE RELEASE OUR SUPPLY OF WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE, AND DIRECT IT TO BE FORTHCOMING to us so that our work and life may go on unhampered.  We now SEND out a ministering spirit to go forth according to Hebrews 1:14, and to bring in these finances and provisions. Father, you are able to make all grace, favor, and earthly blessing come to us in abundance.  We realize that you are now working on this present matter of lack, debt, money shortage, and financial hardship, and we command the money to come upon us from the North, South, East and West.  In the name and blood of Jesus, and to His glory.  AMEN

We also BIND the money going to ungodly places.  We BIND the psychic commands of satanic musicians, artists, actors, businesses, priests, and prophets that wherever we have been lured by them, it is NOW BROKEN, and we will not be lured anymore.  We PRAY against the prayers they pray, that they would fall to the ground, and we BIND any of their forces from stealing from us. We BIND the money going to spirits of greed and avarice, that God would frustrate the plans of the wicked and lead us in HIS Kingdom into the way everlasting.

Forgive us O God, for handling money in the past in ways that were ungodly, and for putting curses on our future generations or blessings. We SEND all evil agents of Poverty and Mammon and Pride to the feet of Jesus to be assigned where HE sends it!  We BREAK the curses and renounce all evil acquisition of money, view, pronouncements, or wrong spending of money in our family and ancestral line.
WE NOW BREAK ALL CURSES coming upon us because of...
1. Exchange of funds done in ungodly ways
2. Money spent on prostitutes
3. Those that did not tithe [break the devourer off our bloodline]
4. Greed
5. Stinginess
6. Those that did not care for the poor, widows, orphans, homeless, etc.
7. Those who oppressed the poor
8. Those who unjustly taxed the poor
9. Masons – who heaped curses through idolatry and wrong spending,
10. Vows of poverty that were broken [monks or priest who may have taken such
       oaths, and have put curses on ensuing generations]
11. Usury  [ Ps 15:5, Ex 22:25]
12. Ungodly ways of making money
13. Extortion
14. Those who stole
15. Drug trafficking
16. Curses spoken against Christians and their families
17. Bribes taken against innocent people
18. Mercenary acts
19. Gambling
20. Worship of money and “love of money”.  ( 1 Tim 6:10 )
21. TRUSTING in money and SELF EFFORT above trusting in God.
22. Leprechaun spirits [trickery and false promise of money through demons]
23. Those who helped fund KKK or other ungodly organizations.
24. Unpaid wages { James 5:4}
25. Not forgiving debts – Matthew 6:12
26. Those who shed innocent blood; we BREAK the curse of wandering through life that originated with Cain – Gen 4:12.
27. Witchcraft curses against finances, all sorcery and divination, santeria and voodoo.
28. All curses of bankruptcy
29. Ungodly agreements with the enemy in obtaining finances.
30. Cheating
31. Those who sold their souls to gain finances.
32. Those who did not serve the Lord our God joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity [ Deut 28:47]
33. Those who sold Christian relics for money.
34. Those who committed adultery.
35. Those who did not honor parents. [this steals from you]
36. Curses placed on actual money given to us!
37. Giving to a ministry NOT ordained by the Lord.
All other curses like the Scottish curse, any other indigenous curses on tribes and nations we also now BREAK and we pull down the spirit of mammon from over our money and financial blessings now. AMEN!

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